There Can Be No Beauty Without Health

There Can Be No Beauty Without Health

When I set out planning the inception of Luna several years ago, I knew I wanted to make facial treatments more accessible without compromising on relaxation or therapeutic benefits. I have done away with a traditional treatment menu based on skin types or specific protocols. Oh the freedom! I have a loose guideline of steps I like to include in each treatment and the rest is adjusted according to the client. A lot of thought and care has gone into creating an experience from the custom made bed to the rigorous product selection process. I want my client to be relaxed but also to see a noticeable difference to their skin. Below I have jotted down some of the main points that I think capture the service offered.

What sets our facial treatments apart and why you should book in.

·       Strategy. Acknowledgement that healthy skin is more than skin deep. When you come for a treatment a Luna, you are receiving more than topical care. Where appropriate, dietary and lifestyle factors affecting the condition of your skin will be assessed.

·       No rigid protocol means I draw from a full range of products. The facial is completely customised to suit the individual’s skin. In saying this, no client will leave without a thorough cleanse, exfoliating treatment and stimulating massage.

·       Massage and relaxation does wonders for the mind and helps the body heal.

·       Optimal skin function can only happen when there us good circulation and minimal congestion. Our treatment used enzymes, physical exfoliant and steam to deep clean the skin without damaging the barrier.

·       The body is an eco-system and should be treated as such.

·       Facial massage promotes oxygenation of tissues and stimulates circulation for optimal absorption or products

·       Ingredient education is part of the process. There are ‘cult’ creams out there for hundreds of dollars which have paraffin (a petrochemical) as the second ingredient! Let’s be more product savvy and use our dollar as our vote. We have taken the hard work out of searching for products and selected only the best and most potent.  

·       Thoughtful and attentive suggestions for an at-home routine.

·       Prevention is better than cure. The treatments should be an extension of your routine and have been priced to allow this. Instead of a once a year treat, book in monthly or every six weeks for the best results.

·       We want it to be fun! There is more to life than skincare but there is a certain charm to the rituals involved in anointing the body in luxurious products. We can help you make your skincare routine as simple or involved as you please. At the end of the day it is up to you and we are here to help guide you.

Bottom line:

Wellness and beauty is a two-way street.

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