Luna Lessons: Hydrosols

Luna Lessons: Hydrosols

Hydrosols are a unique way to deliver hydration, distilled oils and clever nutrients to the skin. Since they aren’t as concentrated as your oils and serums, they can (and should) be used frequently through the day for a refreshing sensation. However, the most benefit comes from spritzing the skin just prior to the application of your cream, serum or oil. There are two main benefits from using a hydrosol in this way:

  1. It breaks the surface tension of the skin, allowing subsequent oils or serums to absorb more effectively.

  2. When you mist the skin the water content combines with the oils in your moisturiser to mimic the skin’s natural composition. In other words, it is very effective at balancing the skin.  

For a more concentrated evening option, try using a toner/elixir designed to be swiped directly on with a cotton pad. For this method we suggest Twelve Beauty Ultra Revitalising Elixir or Akhal Rose Hydrolat.

The best way to choose a suitable hydrosol is to pay attention to the season and what your skin needs right now.

Here are some recommendations according to skin concern:

Combination skin

Jacqueline Evans Rooibos Facial Toner

Rooibos tea has a mildly astringent effect on pores while Geranium and Sandalwood soothe and refresh.

Sensitive skin

Wildcrafted Organics Wild Rose Botanical Mist.

Besides having the highest energetic properties of all oils, Bulgarian Rose is insanely soothing. There is a good dose of Kakadu plum and Gotu kola to repair damaged skin and Hyaluronic acid hydrates like nothing else.

Dry skin

Josh Rosebrook Hydrating Accelerator

This product is most revered for its heavenly fragrance but is one the most powerful herbal hydrators. A true gem for waking up the skin and setting make-up. 

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