The Eight Pillars of Good Health

The Eight Pillars of Good Health

Good health isn’t just about food, it’s about a healthy life! Here are some of the core elements I believe help form healthy habits, attitudes and an all-round balanced routine.

·       Food

Variety, traditional, Mediterranean, seasonal, organic, real ingredients.

·       Movement

For tone, strength, fitness, metabolism, endorphins, circulation.

·       The elements

Sunlight, earth, water, embracing the seasons, grounding, floating, vitamin D.

·       Sleep

Enhances cognitive function, energy, physical and psychological rest, repair, healing.

·       Nervous system support

Developing a healthy stress response, adrenal gland support, energy, stable mood.

·       Routine and relaxation

Well stocked fridge and pantry for meal preparation, beauty and spiritual rituals, making time for life administration, making time for fun.

·       Environment

Outside and inside the home, reducing exposure to environmental toxins, health friendly cleaning agents, minimal clutter, organised, free of mould and synthetic fragrance, bedroom conducive to good sleep.

·       Community

Connecting and doing good for others, feel safe and supported.

Stay attuned to body’s signals and be open to making adjustments to your routine through the seasons. Play an active role in your health. It is vital we take responsibility for our own health. Find caring and knowledgeable practitioners to assist you along the way.

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