Product education series: Serums

Product education series: Serums

In my experience, you can quite successfully take care of your skin with just a good quality cleanser and moisturiser. In saying that, a serum can really transform your skin and provide many benefits in the long run.

What is a serum and how should it be used?

A serum is a moisturiser-type product with a high concentration of actives. I like to think of them as a booster or targeted product. They are usually water based, fast absorbing and lightweight.

Do you need a serum?

In order to understand whether or not you could benefit from using a serum, you therefore need to establish what your concerns are. If you don’t have any major skin concerns, it may not be necessary for you to include a serum in your skincare routine. In saying that, an antioxidant rich serum may help reduce the signs of ageing and promote healthier looking skin.

A guide to our serums

Josh Rosebrook Hydration Boost Concentrate

Josh Rosebrook is known for making products that suit almost every skin type! This serum is no exception as it can be used on oily or dry skin. Ideally suited to sensitive skin too. A perfectly balanced water based serum designed to soothe, hydrate, reduce redness and inflammation while promoting cellelar repair. Works synergistically with the Hydrating Accelerator to create a comforting layer of moisture.

Linne RENEW Serum

RENEW is a Hibiscus extract based serum that harnesses the power of vitamin C and Hyaluronic Acid. It has been formulated for those who wish to hydrate, brighten and strenghten their skin. CoQ10 boosts repair and regeneration while vitamin B3 reduces redness. This serum is oil free so you’ll find it absorbs beautifully. If you have oilier skin, it can be worn alone as a moisturiser or combined with a pump of BALANCE oil. For dehydrated skin, combine with a pump of REPAIR oil. Can also be used layered underneath any moisturiser of your choice. Texture is silky and leaves skin looking fresh and glowy.

Twelve Beauty Ideal Corrective Brightening Serum

This serum can be used by all skin types but is specifically designed for those concerned with hyperpignmentation. The formulator behind the brand, Pedro, is a trained Pharmacist with a passion for herbs. Combining his detailed knowledge of science, skin and plants, he has created an effective treatment to help fade dark spots without sensitising the skin. The unique formula of this serum combines twelve plant extracts that inhibit the production of melanin deposits. We receive great feedback about this product in terms of evening out skin tone. Keep in mind, it can take a few months to notice proper results because it isn’t using any harsh bleaching ingredients. It can be worn day or night and has a light lotion consistency. It illuminates the skin, leaving a radiant finish. Ideal under make-up instead of primer.

Living Libations Rose Glow Serum

So far we have only discussed water based serums. However, there are also oil serums. Oil serums are usually a little heavier in texture than water based serums but lighter than regular face oils. The Rose Glow Serum is one of our best selling face oils for its versatility. Being Jojoba based, it absorbs really well, making it suitable for combination skin. For drier skin types, it’s the perfect hydration boost when combined with a cream. I would like to highlight two key ingredients that make this the ideal choice for devitalised skin. The first is the addition of steam distilled Rose Otto provides a delicate scent that soothes the soul and skin. The second is Immortelle which targets scars, spots, fine lines and pigmentation.


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