In Conversation - Natural Beauty

In Conversation - Natural Beauty

A few weeks ago I had the pleasure of being interviewed about all things natural beauty by local writer, Rosie Dalton. The conversation took place at our Surry Hills store with a lovely intimate audience. Delicious and nutritious snacks were provided by Westmont Pickles. Below, you will find a summary of the main points discussed on the night. Enjoy!

Fay’s background in health and beauty

ROSIE: Fay, could you start things off by telling us a little bit about your journey so far and how you came to open Luna?

  • I’ve always had an interest in herbs, skincare, rituals.

  • I studied Beauty Therapy straight after high school. I was inspired by my mum having  studied beauty therapy and aromatherapy. I have always loved body care products and massage.

  • The following year, I went off the oral contraceptive pill and began experiencing terrible problems with my skin. It became consuming and I was riddled with anxiety which developed into depression.

  • After trying what felt like every product on the market, I realised you can't just rely on topical applications. I needed to look inward and wanted to study Naturopathy but was afraid. Finally, I took the plunge because I wanted to help myself regain emotional strength and to rebalance my skin.

  • Opening my own store has been apart of my plans for as long as I can remember. My idea of what it would look like as a whole though took years to develop and evolve but eventually the timing felt right.

What is natural beauty?
ROSIE: Luna’s ethos is grounded in natural beauty, but there is still quite a lot of confusion around what this term actually means. Can you tell us what your definition of natural beauty is?

  • For me, natural beauty is about using plant based products. Plants are naturally high in antioxidants which is what neutralises free radicals that cause the signs of damage and aging in the skin.

  • Natural beauty is about healthy, resilient skin that slows the breakdown of collagen and elasticity but doesn’t try to completely fight the aging process.

  • Every ingredient serves a purpose.

  • It’s active, with sophisticated formulas. It’s luxurious to use because it takes advantage of the natural textures and fragrances of extracts.

ROSIE: And how does this concept translate at Luna?

  • I believe there is a strong synergy between people and plants.

  • I like to help people start looking at topical products from a more prescriptive and medicinal aspect rather than lots of throw away products with little purpose.

  • When using natural products, it awakens the self nurturer within.

Greenwashing in the beauty space

ROSIE: Natural beauty is quite a broad term, which can sometimes invite a certain level of greenwashing, would you agree?

  • Unfortunately, the main offenders are the larger companies trying to tap into this part of the market.

    ROSIE: What are some steps that people can take to make sure the beauty products they’re buying are actually natural?

  • You must look beyond the individual product and assess the brand and their ethos. Who is behind the brand? Avoid products by companies who have an organic and non-organic range.

  • They should be transparent and genuine.

The idea that there is no beauty without health

ROSIE: Of course we can’t talk about beauty without also talking about health. Why do you believe at Luna that there’s no beauty without health?

  • Health ailments manifest differently for different people. For some, skin is their weak point.

  • Main triggers can be: stress, hormones, incorrect topical products, digestive imbalance, lack of quality sleep.

  • I see a consistent amount of cases where the lifestyle/food choices and health ailments are almost identical. Cannot be a coincidence.

How health manifests itself externally

ROSIE: Can you share any examples from your own life in which internal health has been reflected externally?

  • My skin is my weak point. As mentioned, that’s what lead me on this journey!

  • My main triggers are stress and hormones and my skin can be temperamental but I have helped strengthened it with a wholefoods diet.

ROSIE: What are some of your key takeaways for women looking to optimise health and beauty?

  • Don’t strive for perfection, aim for health. It often helps to shift the focus from something specific such as skin and create goals around overall health and wellbeing. Glowing skin will follow.

  • Don’t try to do it all! As long as we are happy, we don’t need to prove ourselves to others.

The Luna Story
ROSIE: The Luna experience certainly offers a holistic approach to health and beauty. Can you tell us a bit about the services you offer and what sets Luna apart?

  • Our services are multi-faceted and individualised.

  • Education is part of the process for each client.

  • We don’t try and sell an image of ‘perfection’.

  • Acknowledgement that your spiritual and mental well being are just as important for health.


Fay’s routine/practices/or experiences
ROSIE: Would you like to share your own personal routine with us?

  • A 45 min walk at centennial every morning with husband and dog. If I have time, I will opt for a coastal walk instead.

  • Tongue scraping.

  • Coffee and /or smoothie.

  • Always eat a cooked breakfast before work.

  • In the evenings, change into comfortable clothing, cook dinner, skincare routine and relax!


Rosie’s routine/practices/or experiences

  • Since coming to see you, I have also discovered a few transformative products. Like Josh Rosebrook’s Nutrient Day Cream, which I use every morning. And the Lesse Ritual Serum, which I love applying before bed. My copper tongue scraper is also an important part of my morning routine and one that you put me onto.

ROSIE: What are some simple steps people can implement into their everyday? Health and beauty are obviously highly personal to the individual. But to finish off, could you share with us a few simple health and beauty guidelines that you feel are universal?

  • Eat lots of fruit and vegetables every day.

  • Buy the best quality meat, eggs and dairy you can.

  • Organic where possible.

  • Move your body each day, even if it’s walking.

  • Keep your skincare simple but thorough and update seasonally.

  • Get some sunlight, we are like plants and need light and time in nature.

  • Your immune system is all you have so look after yourself!

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