Grocery Guide

Grocery Guide

I believe in keeping meal guidelines relatively traditional, simple and easy to follow. I don’t believe we should be too restrictive but we absolutely should be fussy about the quality of our food for environmental, ethical and health reasons. Clients and customers often ask me where I shop for groceries, pantry items and produce. This is information I share with my Naturopathy clients but would love to share with everyone. So, I’ve compiled a list of my go-tos.


•        Wholefoods House Woollahra or Rosebery. Good for pantry items. They stock Inglewood chicken, Egganic eggs, Canadian Way Salmon, organic produce (but not always local), Argyle Meat, Bundarra Berkshires.

•        Kingsmore Meats Rose Bay

•        Feather & Bone- Online delivery


•        Broth Bar & Larder Bronte for frozen/ fresh bone broth and good snack ideas that are nutritional eg Pate.

•        Entertainment Quarter produce markets (Wednesdays) or Marrickville market (sundays) or Bondi Farmer market (Saturdays) or Tramsheds Farmer Market (Sundays).


•        River Cottage

•        Jamie Oliver

•        Hemsley + Hemsley

•        The Naturalista (Xochi Balfour)

•        Tess Ward

•        Soulla Chamberlain/ Star Anise blog

•        The Healthy Chef

•        Honey From a Weed by Patience Gray

•        Nourishing Traditions by Sally Fallon

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