Building Blocks

Building Blocks

At times, it can be challenging navigating the food world so sometimes we just need to make sure we revisit the foundational aspects and go from there.


  • Eat what we are designed to eat

  • Learn to cook

  • Support and repair digestive function

  • Support all detoxification pathways for optimal health

  • Education. Knowledge is power

  • Eat seasonally



MAXIMISE Seasonal, organic fruit and veg; gluten free or low gluten grains such as spelt sourdough and pasta options; prepared/soaked legumes

MINIMISE Refined sugar, alcohol, processed bread, pasta and grains


MAXIMISE Grass fed and finished red meat, organic poultry, pastured eggs, wild salmon, organic dairy, sardines, oysters, sprouts, quinoa, prepared/soaked legumes, tempeh, algae, sea vegetables, activated nuts and seeds

MINIMISE Conventional meat, dairy and eggs; roasted and salted nuts


MAXIMISE Avocado, coconut oil, olive oil, butter, ghee, activated nuts and seeds, ground flaxseed, cold water fish

MINIMISE Trans fats, deep fried foods, conventional dairy

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